fwonfig - Firewall Configuration Tool
Author - Matthew Jakeman

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fwconfig is a graphical application written using QT to allow the easy configuration of a basic firewall using iptables. The "leg work" of configuring the iptables rules behind the scenes, based on the information entered by the user, is performed by the MonMotha iptables script. As you have probably noticed web pages are from from my speciality so if anyone fancies knocking me up a better one feel free to email me using the address on the contact page.


Initial development begins.

I have begun working on the project now, it is still at a basic stage, only allowing the configuration
of which ports (TCP and UDP) to allow access over, which interfaces are used as well as a few other
things. Hopefully this will move along soon and I will have the hostwise allows and denials tagged
on in a few days time permitting.